It's Enough to Make You Sick
It's Enough to Make You Sick The Failure of American Health Care and A Prescription for the Cure By Lobosky, Jeffrey M. Book - 2012

Some interesting reading. Agrees with a lot of other reading I've done, as well as personal experience. However, once the author (who is a neurosurgeon) started whining about how little he got paid, he lost my interest. I did some research on physician salaries. Yes, if you compare his income to CEOs of major corporations and professional athletes it's on the low side. But that doesn't mean doctors should get paid MORE, it means CEOs and athletes should get LESS. (However, in the case of athletes, they are only going to be earning that money for just a few years, whereas physicians will earn for decades.) It always irks me when those who have so much whine about how little they have and how they deserve more.

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