To Siri With Love
To Siri With Love A Mother, Her Autistic Son, and the Kindness of Machines By Newman, Judith Book - 2017

I would not exactly recommend this book for a few reasons, though I can understand why others might enjoy it.
I went into the book thinking that it would be more focused on the child with autism, but to me it felt more about the mother writing it. Like she was trying to explain why she does what she does, why she feels the way she feels, and especially how her son's condition affects her.
Due to this, there were many different parts of this book that made me feel uncomfortable and disappointed, and I ended up having to stop reading it because it was not putting me in a healthy mindspace.
She also, in the list of recommended charities to donate time and money to, lists Autism Speaks, which I heavily disagree with. I advise looking into their history before considering donating to them as she believes.
If you're looking for a book about the mother of a child, and want to hear about how much stress the child puts her through due to a health condition beyond the child's control, than I suppose this book would be for you.
But if you are on the spectrum, have family or friends on the spectrum, or want a book more about the person living with it instead of living with someone with it, I would not recommend this book at all.

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