The Plot to Hack America
The Plot to Hack America How Putin's Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election By Nance, Malcolm W. Book - 2016

[Update: 1/2016 - - CIA report is out, containing ZERO facts and, not surprisingly, 83% of Americans polled believe WikiLeaks over the pathologically lying CIA. The other 17% must either be the sociopaths or special ed people? Remember, it was Saudi Arabia who attacked the USA on 9/11, not the Russians. It was the Russians who repeatedly warned the FBI and CIA about Tsarnaev, whom they allowed to complete the Boston Marathon bombing! And it was Russia which allowed US military overflight clearance during operations in Afghanistan, and provided the Pentagon their Afghanistan intel.]
Think I'll skip this one, as I've found during my lifetime that the CIA [which is in the news, although this book cites the FBI, which falls into the same category] is simply not a valid reference source of any kind, quite the contrary - - whatever they claim, I look in the opposite direction for the truth. If Putin did such a bang-up job on the 2016 election, perhaps we should appoint him as our ruler! No, I don't think this book is valid, just as I think WikiLeaks was acting as it has before, as a conduit for whistleblowers, and that an inside source - - or whistleblower - - was finally appalled at what he or she saw within the HRC/DNC campaign, and blew the whistle. [But, do consider this book as a clarion call to finally be concerned about national security and the American government's destruction of it by offshoring technology, jobs and investment to China, Russia and elsewhere. And also to look deeply into the backgrounds of all these so-called // global terrorism experts \\ !]

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