Black Klansman
Black Klansman Race, Hate, and the Undercover Investigation of A Lifetime By Stallworth, Ron Book - 2018

“Black Klansman” by Ron Stallworth is surprisingly funny. I do not usually find the Ku Klux Klan humorous; however, for an African-American police detective to scam the Klan into making him an actual card-carrying member of their vile, racist organization, well, I can’t help but see the funny in that. Stallworth’s experience could be an episode of a really bad sitcom. He originally contacted the Klan by mailing in a response to an ad in the newspaper, and then he talked to several Klansmen on the phone, including the Grand Wizard himself, David Duke. When it came time to meet the local Klan recruiters in person, he had a white colleague pretend to be him. Apparently, the not-very-bright Klansman did not notice any variation in syntax, or cadence, or pitch, or accent, or any of the factors that make one human’s voice different from another, because they sent him a membership card. Adding to the absurdity of it all, on a visit to Colorado Springs by the aforementioned Wizard, Stallworth was assigned by CSPD to provide security for Duke. In the interactions between them that day, Duke was clueless that he had spoken to his African-American bodyguard before. Multiple times. It all seems so cartoonishly stupid. I do not mean to minimize the danger that Stallworth put himself in, because the Klan’s history of unspeakably horrible atrocities is well-known. But, for all of their self-declared Aryan superiority, having been spectacularly fooled like this, maybe the racist Klan members should rethink that whole Aryan superiority thing.

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