The Kingdom of Copper is the second entry in The Daevabad Trilogy. Let me begin with a recommendation that if you haven't read City of Brass, the first book, in at least the last two months, go back and do a refresher. I found that listening to the audio at about 1.5 to 2x speed, was a great reminder of all the groups involved, and you'll need that to navigate this politically heavy second volume.

Chakraborty has a gift for writing intricate political plots that still read like adventure, but if, like me, you need to see information to make it stick, The Kingdom of Copper is not a good first "read" as an audiobook. We have moved on five years from the events of the first novel. Ali has found a home in the desert, giving up all princely ambition. Nahri is married to Muntadhir but they are as often working at cross-purposes as they are allies. Dara has been resurrected by Manizheh to be her military leader as she plans her attack on Daevabad.

I love how intricate not only the plot is, but the characters as well. Nahri is ever hopeful yet a realist and still a bit of a conman. Dara is still biased against the shafit, but growing to fear Manizheh's power. All of the characters change and grow through the novel. Chakraborty doesn't rely on tired tropes either. What could clearly be a love triangle becomes a small side issue. Instead, to move the action forward there are two main plot devices: the annual celebration of Navasatem and Nahri's hospital. How each character helps, hinders or manipulates these two things culminates in a breathtaking last hundred pages that were un-put-down-able. Curse Chakraborty though for that cliffhanger ending! You'll need the final novel immediately.

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