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The genre is also known as Street Fiction, Gangsta Lit, Ghetto Lit, or Hip-Hop Fiction. These are fast-paced stories that commonly feature Black or Latinx characters and generally take place in the inner cities. The story material is usually pretty heavy and tells about the hardships of street life and about the neighborhoods that suffer under extreme violence, gangs, sexual gratuity, and poverty. Authors often use profanity in order to reflect the common street language. The stories are sometimes difficult to read because they are meant to mirror the harsh reality of urban living.
Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
The Streets Have No King The Streets Have No King Book - 2017
St. Martin's Griffin
Fiction Jaquavis
Man on the Run Man on the Run eBook - 2017
Thugs and the Women Who Love Them Thugs and the Women Who Love Them Paperback - 2010
Dafina Turnaround distributor
Fiction Clark Pbk
Money Devils 1 Money Devils 1
A Cartel Novel
Book - 2020
St. Martin's Griffin
Fiction Ashley
Arm Candy Arm Candy Book - 2018
Urban Books
Fiction Littles
No One in the World No One in the World
A Novel
Downloadable Audiobook - 2015
Tantor Media
Audio Download
The Coldest Winter Ever The Coldest Winter Ever Book - 2006
Pocket Star Books
Fiction Souljah
The Black Market The Black Market Downloadable Audiobook - 2018
Mafioso Mafioso
Part One
Book - 2017
Melodrama Publishing
Fiction Santiago
Most Wanted Most Wanted Downloadable Audiobook - 2014
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