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PimaLib_XuanZ created a list Jun 14 2021
General Recommendations

Books about Migration for Kids

"Sunday June 20 is the World Refugee Day. Read these picture books to help the little ones understand the migration journey some of us have to take."
PimaLib_XuanZ made a comment May 19 2021
"This book is based on a classic Chinese folk story, one that defines what an ideal friendship looks like and the importance of it. Art is a way of expressing oneself and it's a blessing that someone acknowledges and appreciates it. Using illustrat..." Permalink
PimaLib_XuanZ rated a title May 19 2021
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PimaLib_XuanZ rated a title May 11 2021
PimaLib_XuanZ made a comment May 11 2021
"People around the globe do same things every day in different ways: we all eat, but eat different foods; we all sleep, but sleep on different beds and in different settings; we all transport, but in different means. This book uses astonishingly b..." Permalink
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