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PimaLib_TeneciaP rated a title Dec 07 2019
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PimaLib_TeneciaP made a comment Dec 07 2019
"I often want to tell my child all of the emotions I feel inside when I look at her and think about what she means to me. There are many times I fall short, I'm at a loss for words. In those moments, I'm going to hand her this book, hug her tight, ..." Permalink
PimaLib_TeneciaP made a comment Nov 15 2019
"The celebration of diversity and community in this almost wordless picture will touch your heart and make you smile." Permalink
PimaLib_TeneciaP created a list Nov 01 2019
General Recommendations

The Magic of Herbs

"What can you do with herbs besides using them for garnishment on your food?? Plenty of things!!"
PimaLib_TeneciaP made a comment Oct 24 2019
"This book is perfect for my impatient self! Five minutes is forever....five minutes is endless....five minutes is too soon....five minutes is "I need more time".... 😄" Permalink
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