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PimaLib_TeneciaP made a comment Mar 30 2021
"There are so many pieces of Black history that have not been taught/shared. I am slowly learning them now, despite being a "grown adult". This picture book is full of vital information and is appropriate for readers of all ages and races." Permalink
PimaLib_TeneciaP created a list Mar 22 2021
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You Should See Me In A Ballgown

"I've never worn a ballgown in my life but after looking at different book covers, I'm tempted to buy a few and wear them at home/work/the grocery store/everywhere!"
PimaLib_TeneciaP made a comment Mar 11 2021
"My daughter and I read this together and loved it so much! She is 20 but like her mother, still enjoys a beautifully written and illustrated picture book. She especially loved that she saw our family, an interracial family, reflected in the book." Permalink
PimaLib_TeneciaP made a comment Feb 24 2021
"This is a story of how small acts can brighten or even change someone's day. The illustrations are full of diverse characters and use color to demonstrate how kindness is able to spread, even in a small community like a school." Permalink
PimaLib_TeneciaP rated a title Jan 28 2021
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