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Oct 31, 2022PimaLib_MeganH rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
Evie is used to mysterious happenings and ghostly haunts living in Blight Harbor, the seventh most haunted town in America (per capita), but this hasn't prepared her to face The Clackity. A creature infesting the abandoned slaughterhouse, The Clackity is holding Evie's guardian, Aunt Desdemona, hostage until Evie brings The Clackity the ghost of the town's serial killer. With the help of her living tattoo/protector Bird, Evie must face more than her own demons to bring Aunt D back. Both haunting and emotional, I loved this book. It was a super quick read in the best way. Tweens and up who enjoy a spooky, whimsical tale will find this tale delightful.